TangySweet Photography | About

If there's a super power I could have, I would slow down time, freeze it momentarily. Just to take it all in and soak it all up. That overwhelming sense of loving someone so much it could hurt.


Because we are way too busy surviving the daily pandemonium of life. Too busy to glimpse, while they're not looking, the amazing growth in which those pint-size hearts of yours that walk outside your body, once helpless little blobs, could literally now take on his or her world with a thunderbolt. Even in just small things like scooting with gusto with their little legs adorned with princess band-aids or learning trial and error from little league baseball and geeking out about tactics while holding hands with mom on the way to a game.


Flash it goes.


Photography IS my super power.


My name is Tang. I am a self-taught photographer. My passion and skills have grown and evolved through various paths of life. I was first drawn to travel and landscape photography, but most of all the human connections observed in those places.


Then along came the journey of motherhood. My two children have taught me the rawest form of human relationships. They have shown no care or pretense about who they are while facing life head on with the bravest and most open minds. I obsessively capture their milestones, expressions, and experiments while they form into their own individuals. Children and family have become my foremost subjects ever since. 


To me, the word TangySweet encapsulates the delights of my motherhood that is often laced with many challenges (and donuts and wine). Thus, TangySweet Photography was born as a brand. I offer photography services to help fellow parents capture the unbridled joy children bring through their spontaneous and exuberant emotions and the relationship they form with the world. So you can savor the moments, forever.


I hope to have the honor to serve you and your family.