TangySweet Photography | Come and get a slice of life

The not-so-perfect picture

It is not the picture perfect I emphasize but the "perfect moment". During my shoot, I allow families to start with organic interactions, the natural dynamic of their unique unit. Yes to silly faces, slobbery kisses, secret jokes, and tickles. Somewhere in there is the perfect picture representing what you know is YOUR family. My goal is to have you walk away saying, "well, that was FUN" and feeling like I was just an invited guest at a family outing.

Furthermore, I see photography as an art form, beyond capturing a picture in focus. I allow the surrounding to inspire me -- the location, the tone of color, the lighting, the breeze. My vision is for the pictures to not only speak loudly about YOU but also what little details that make that moments come alive in your memories for years to come. 

Let me help you capture this longest shortest time!


For most optimal lighting, I encourage that the session is scheduled during either the first or the final hours of the day, which vary depending upon sunrise and sunset times. The soft, forgiving, buttery light enhances the result. If this does not work for you, we can talk and find the time that may still work. 

What to wear

I am all about mixing up patterns and solid colors. Pick two or three palettes that compliment your skin/hair/eyes. During colder seasons, use this strategy with layers, for example, flowery dress with a knitted cardigan in solid color. The more texture the fabric (like knitted sweaters, woven cotton) the better it looks in the photos. Accessories are also fun accents and can show personality. Definitely avoid large writing/logo that can be distracting.

Keep in mind, dressy can be comfortable. Wearing something that restrict kids from moving comfortably will not make them happy. There are options for boys and girls that are flattering and still comfy.  

Collaboration is key, ask me any questions. I am here to help!